And the Oscar goes to…

  If you work in a nursing home, school, hospital or any similar setting you know the magic of the “theme.” We capitalize on each season, major holiday, not so major holiday, obscure holiday, and current event that pops up in our feverish googling at the beginning of each month. Why do we do this? Personally, I blame my mother who to this day can’t throw a party, celebrate a birthday, or eat a holiday meal without coordinating wrapping paper, napkins, invitations–even the gifts themselves have to match! I absolutely love that about her though because each party she throws or gift she bestows is so clearly thought out and intentional to the last detail. 
For me, themes serve as the anchor to the session to which each of the individual interventions are tied. It brings a systematic cohesion, and when they are carried out well, like my mother’s matching gift wrap and napkins, they let the recipient know that each element was handpicked for a specific purpose. If nothing else, picking a theme challenges me to learn new music that ties to that song–not just the handful of back-pocket MT geriatric songs. 

The theme this week is the Oscars. Next Tuesday, our facility will be a red carpet party to celebrate the annual awards. So where does the music come in? Well…did you know that although many individuals actors and various production teams have taken home Oscars, there have only been 10 musical films to win the honor of Best Picture? Ergo, Best Picture winning musical theme!

Because the group is next Tuesday I can’t share any successes or failures yet, but in case you wanted to have your own Oscars themed group I thought I’d share ahead of time! It’s kind of skeletal but I know you will be able to take this and run in your own brilliant directions! 

The list of winners comes from this article that gives a great little synopsis of the show and context.

I have a Spotify playlist (Megan Nicole Graber) with a number of popular songs from each musical entitled “OSCARS.”

And here is a brainstorm outline of specific songs and their possible function in the group.

  • The Broadway Melody–Broadway style dance 
  • Gigi–I remember It Well call and response “duet”
  • The Great Ziegfeld–“A Pretty Girl is like a Melody” sing-along
  • Chicago–All that Jazz 
  • Oliver–Oom papa tambourine rhythm game   
  • My Fair Lady–“I Could Have Danced All Night” scarf dance
  • West Side Story–“America” tambourine dance 
  • Going My Way–Sing-along “Going My Way”
  • An American in Paris–“I Got Rhythm” song-writing or rhythm game
  • The Sound of Music–“So Long Farewell” goodbye song

Enjoy! Happy theming!



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