Time of Day

Exercise this week was a total blast. Our session focused on the time of day. Our warm up selections started with easy stretching and gradually moving into fast tempo cardio songs. 

  • Oh What a Beautiful Morning (James Taylor version)
  • Carolina in the Morning (Dean Martin version)
  • School Days (Chuck Berrry)
  • Rock Around the Clock

CRTS Taylor Alexander created an adaptive “time of day charades.” Charades can be rather difficult for older adults (some of whom have dementia) because to read, interpret and formulate a creative movement is really a series of complex steps. Since the purpose of the group is to be moving, Taylor had a list of different activities you do at particular times of day and led the residents in acting out those activities. They were then able to guess the activity based on sight and kinesthetic memory. We would then as a group decide what time of day this activity would be performed. 

Immediately following charades, we did “time of day drumming.” Since we had just acted out and discussed different activities specific to a time of day, they were able to easily come up with things we do with no prompting. I drew a large clock on a white board and asked the room “What is something you do at 12 o’clock, 3, 6, 9…?” and then wrote their answers on the corresponding number. We did this one quarter at a time and would then come up with a beat for each answer. For instance, at twelve o’clock they said we “eat lunch” which we play as two half notes. At three pm, they “take a nap” which we played as a dotted half and two eighths. We would practice them in succession, adding our new beat (and direction) to the end of the previous. By breaking the activity down into these small steps and increasing intensity/duration, we were able to keep them drumming and moving (all around) for a longer period of time. 

We finished with a cool down to stretch to “Twilight Time” by the Platters.



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