When You Wore a Tu-lip

In April we do showers, in May we do flowers. It kind sounds like the MT of geriatrics version of Mean Girls. About a little over a year ago when I started working full-time in LTC, I had never heard of a “Flower” themed session, but I quickly learned it’s kind of a “thing.” I had heard about it on an MT blog and decided to jump on the bandwagon. Last year when I was trying to piece my song list together, I didn’t feel like anyone would know the songs or get the correlation. I soon realized I was the only one who didn’t know these songs. This year, I had too many songs in my list to do in one session. It may seem like a silly little theme–and it is–but it’s also little a gem. 

This is the list and order I chose for this year. It really worked out nicely because the songs sort of led into the next flower to be discussed. Throughout the program I had photos of these flowers pulled up on my iPad for visual aid.

  • A Bicylce Built for Two (Daisy, Daisy)
  • Please Don’t Eat the Daisies (Doris Day)
  • Tip toe through the tulips (Nick Lucas not the terrifying Tiny Tim version from Insidious)
  • Yellow Rose of Texas (Glenn Miller version)
  • When You Wore a Tu-lip 
  • In the Garden (Hymn used for religious discussion of flowers/garden)
  • Edelweiss

The first three were the sing-along/warm up section. For the “Yellow Rose of Texas,” we did tambourine dance/march because that version is very militaristic in sound as well as origin (it was a civil war marching song!). We did a scarf dance for “When You Wore a Tu-lip” with multi-color scarves. I showed them a photo of a Tu-lip field with the variety of colors and we immitated the flowers swaying in the wind. I was actually planning on using “Red Roses for a Blue Lady” for the reminiscing and discussion portion. We were going to talk about how it feels to receive flowers and how they can brighten your day. In the past we have actually made flower cards with cheesy flower puns (see photo below) to give to someone who needs encouragement. However, during the group someone mentioned how much they love gospel music and it was a perfect transition into “In the Garden.” We discussed how flowers not only make us feel good when we receive them, but just being in nature and seeing the flowers of the garden are reflections of the beauty of God. We finished with an explanation “Edelweiss” and that it is actually referring to the small white flower that is grown in Austria. 

Hindsight it would have been GREAT for multi sensory stimulation to have had real flowers for visual aide instead of photos, so be more on top of it than me and get those puppies before the day of your session! 

There are NUMEROUS other flower songs I did not include, but I have a list of them on my “Flowers” Spotify playlist found here: https://open.spotify.com/user/127389392/playlist/3NdTTnf51Ik4eJuQ6XUxhc

  • My Wild Irish Rose
  • Red Roses for a Blue Lady (Bobby Darin)
  • Where Have all the Flowers Gone?
  • Orange Blossom Special (Johnny Cash)
  • Artificial Flowers (Bobby Darin)
  • Tu-lip Time (The Andrews Sisters)
  • San Antonio Rose (Patsy Cline)
  • A White Sport Coat and a Pink Carnation (Marty Robbins)

These are just some of the other songs on the list that I did not use this go around. Hope this post helps “blossom” some of your own wonderful flower session ideas! 


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