Not the Queen of theme…

If you have ever read this blog you know that I usually jump at every holiday (big, small, or made up) to create a theme for my group. We recently celebrated Memorial Day–a beautiful remembrance of those who have fought and paid for our freedom. We had a lovely Memorial Day event where we did a good bit of patriotic music. We are also not too far away from celebrating the Fourth of July. 

While I do not want to downplay the importance of these two holidays, I have to admit having too much patriotic music too close together wears on me and I personally need a little way to still celebrate, but break up the pattern. 

I actually had a resident who inspired the making of this musical game. At the end of our sing-along on Memorial Day, she asked me to play “Blue Suede Shoes.” I thought this was a bit of an odd request, but she defended her query by saying “It has the word ‘blue’ in it. Aren’t we celebrating the red, white and blue?” 

And she was absolutely right. 

Below is a list of songs that are geriatric familiar that include “RED” or “WHITE” or “BLUE.” Each person had to pick out a song title and fill in the blank with one of the three colors.

I had three jars in corresponding colors where they had to place the song title after they decided on the answer. 

Simple. Fun. Cognitive. Fine Motor. Social. Patriotic.

See if you can fill in the blank!

  • _________ Suede Shoes
  • When the ____ ____ Robin Comes Bob Bob Bobbing Along
  • I Want Some _____ Roses for a _____ Lady
  • _________ Skies
  • _______ Velvet
  • ________ Christmas
  • Five Foot Two, Eyes of ________
  • _______ Moon
  • _____berry Hill
  • Alice _________ Gown
  • Folsom Prison __________
  • ________ River Valley
  • Top Hat _______ Tie and Tails
  • Rudolph the ________ Nosed Reindeer 
  • The _______ We Want is the ______ We Got
  • _____ Sails in the Sunset
  • Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom _____
  • When the _____ Lilacs Bloom Again
  • A ______ Sport Coat and a Pink Carnation
  • _______ Silver Sands
  • The ________ Cliffs of Dover
  • The Little _______ Cloud that Cried 
  • Gonna Find Me a _____bird
  • ______ Hawaii
  • _______ on _______
  • Have You Ever Been Lonely? Have You Ever Been ________


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