If you know me as an MT at you you know I have become a huge fan of back pocket music games. They are great for doing a group on the fly or when you do multiple multiple groups per week and need to change up the format (for your own and the residents’ sakes). What I love about this particular game is it’s ability to cross age, gender, interest borders.

The game is called Spontuneous. You actually used to be able to purchase the board game version of this game through Amazon. However, I have not been able to find it for purchase anywhere. So I made my own file folder version. 

You can play this game in teams or as individuals but really it can turn into less of a competition and more of a group sing-along which is half of the fun! 

You start with a list of words (I have a sample list of words good for prompting geriatrics below) that are cut up and put into a hat/drum. Teams will take turns picking one of these cue words and have to sing a song with that cue word in it. For instance…the word is “Sunshine.” You can almost guarantee that someone will start singing, “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.” If they can come up with a song, they get to roll the dice and move forward on the board that many spaces. 

For my board I just blew up a photo of piano keys and used buttons to travel from one end to the other. 

Usually they come up with pretty familiar songs and everyone begins to sing along. For the more obscure references, I keep Spotify and a speaker handy to listen and “check” their answers. 

  • Love
  • Friend
  • Railroad
  • Sunshine
  • Peace
  • You
  • Mountain
  • Fun
  • All
  • Amazing
  • Dream
  • Beautiful
  • Light
  • Eyes
  • Carolina
  • Fly
  • Blessings
  • River
  • Faith
  • Happy
  • Forever
  • Girl
  • Sweet
  • Me
  • Sweetheart
  • Dance
  • Morning
  • Stand
  • Take
  • Bird
  • Family
  • Hope

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