Musical Go Fish

At our facility we do an evening group each Thursday and yesterday it was my turn. For these evening groups I generally am able to gather a cognitively higher functioning crew and we play some sort of musical game. Because of the demographic of this group, these games can sometimes be a little more demanding/challenging. From my experience, the people who attend truly appreciate the challenge and the opportunity to do something that is truly on their level. 

Last night, I created a game that I had seen similarly done in my internship. I made a list of song titles that had a minimum of three words in the title. Each resident was given three of these song titles. I also had the individual words of these song titles cut out and distributed in piles of 12 to each participant. There were also numerous “blank” tiles that could be used as any word they needed.

The object of the game was to match words in their pile to words in the song titles they were given. Once they got all the words to their song they had to sing it! This turned out to be a super funny way of doing it because they had a blast serenading each other! Once they got all the words to a certain song they could then remove it and the word tiles and focus on finding the pieces to their other two songs.

There were three ways of gaining the tiles you needed. 

1) You could ask someone to trade with you, but they could refuse if you didn’t have any tiles they needed. You would then need to choose option number 2. 

2) You could draw from the deck.

3) You could ask someone to trade an entire song title. 

FULL DISCLOSURE: It is a bit of a miracle that the game worked out this way! I had entirely too many songs and too many words, but the combination of the large group and functioning level of the participants somehow made it work. There are probably a million better ways to plan and execute this game, but for our purposes it was the right amount of challenging and a whole lot of fun! So if you decide to use this for your facility adapt away! Make it fitting for your needs and I’m sure it will turn out a lot more organized than mine! đŸ™‚ 

I have listed below the song titles I used to created the game. However, like I said before you may need to do some major adjusting to make it work for your group. That being said, it was entirely worth it! The cognitive exercise and the impressive unprompted socialization it brought about was truly very therapeutic, but also very fun!

  • Come Fly With Me
  •  On a Bicycle Built for Two
  • You Are My Sunshine
  • Lean On Me
  • When the Saints Go Marching In
  • Let Me Call You Sweetheart
  • Take Me Out to the Ball Game
  • God Bless America
  •  Do Re Mi 
  • My Favorite Things
  • By the Light of the Silv’ry Moon
  • She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain
  • America the Beautiful
  • Can’t Help Falling in Love
  • Ring of Fire
  •  Sittin’ On the Dock of the Bay
  • Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
  • I’ve Got Peace Like a River
  •  Que Sera Sera
  •  I Say a Little Prayer
  • All Shook Up
  • Why Do Fools Fall in Love 
  • Great Balls of Fire
  • I Walk the Line
  • On The Road Again
  • Since I Laid My Burdens Down 
  • Oh What a Beautiful Morning 
  • Dream a Little Dream of Me 
  • That Lucky Old Sun
  • With No Particular Place to Go
  • What a Wonderful World 
  • Ain’t She Sweet
  • A Bushel and a Peck
  • Five Foot Two Eyes of Blue
  • Rock Around the Clock 

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