Five Little Words

So I am a big fan of music games. Our facility periodically holds an evening group and when I host, we usually play one such game. The nice thing about these groups is they are usually smaller and more intimate. Because most of the nursing home is asleep by 6:00 PM, it’s just me and a handful of night owls, so of course, we have a blast.

This week’s game was a new one very Similar to “Spontuneous” (see Spontuneous blog post) but with a twist. We started out with a familiar song and sang through the chorus. What other familiar song would we chose but “You are My Sunshine?” After singing we chose 5 words from that song.

  1. You
  2. Are
  3. My
  4. Sunshine
  5. Only

It was then player one’s turn to think of a song that included one of these words. For example “I’ve got sunshine on a could day” from “My Girl.” They player then has to sing the song and of course, the entire group chimed in. That player would then receive a point and it would be their turn to choose 5 words from the new song. Eg…

  1. Guess
  2. Say
  3. My
  4. Girl

And then it would be player two’s turn, and so on and so on.

The second round we switched things up a bit. You could received the same amount of points as the number next to the word you chose. So in the above example, if the player sang a song with the word “Guess” they would receive two points, 3 points for “Say,” etc. This made it a little trickier when choosing words for the next person. They began to put easy words at the top of the list and difficult words toward the bottom. It was funny because as they caught on that the idea was to stump the next player, they began to pick very obscur words. One particularly quiet and mild-manored resident had sung the song “Home on the Range” and chose the following words:

  1. Deer
  2. Antelope
  3. Seldom
  4. Discouraging
  5. Range

Needless the group burst out laughing and said “You’ve got to watch out for those quiet ones!” She nearly stumped the group until one player chose the “dear” form of “deer.” We let it slide.

We actually had a severely hard of hearing player who joined this game who enjoyed it probably the most of all the participants! He liked the visual cues of the list of 5 and was able to follow along with the songs being sung by reading lips. Another member of the group who is normally very shy and does not like to be put on the spot willingly and with out hesitation sang her songs all the way through–even when no one else knew the words to sing along. I was just a tiny bit proud 🙂 

Overall it turned out to be a lot of fun as well as a challenging cognitive exercise not only to recall a song from the word list and choose five words from that song, but also to order them from most common to most obscure. 


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