Jingle Bell Exercise 

Yesterday for exercise we of course stuck with a winter/Christmas theme. We started with a few warm up stretching/movement songs and a jingle bell ribbon dance. 

I had a few pinterest finds this week that I incorporated and really loved. 

The first was a Jingle Bell Passing Game

We had about 15 in attendance so I passed out out about 10 jingle bells and instructed the residents to pass the bells while the music played. We weren’t able to stay in time like the video above–we had a hard enough getting the idea of passing the bells around the circle, but eventually after a bit of resident rearranging, had a pretty good system. I have found in my facility that if we are doing this sort of “hot potato” type game, it is better to have many items going around the circle because several of my residents forget the object of game by the time the item comes back around. To me it’s kind of endearing when someone asks what to do with the item every time it comes around to them, but the goal being physical exercise, it’s best to keep things rolling, and reducing time between turns significantly decreases the confusion and increases movement.

When the music stopped, we would identify who had a jingle bell with a quick, “Jingle bells: shake them up high, shake them down low, shake them really fast, and shake them really slow.” Prior to this I printed the exercises from this site and showed the residents what each exercise looked like. Someone without a bell picked one of these “cards” out of the exercise “deck,” and everyone who was holding a jingle bell had to do 20 of that exercise. 

You can print your own set of Christmas Exercises here.


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