Christmas Exercise

I had an absolute blast in our morning exercise group this morning and just wanted to share a few of our interventions

  • Warm up/stretching to “White Christmas” by the Drifters
  • Mararaca dance to “Feliz Navidad”
  • Snow movements to the tune of “London Bridges” (explanation below)
  • [Recycled paper] Snowball fight
  • Cool down to Bing Crosby “White Christmas”

For our snow song, we divided the residents into 5 small groups. Each group was assigned one of the following verses and given a corresponding instrument or movement. Each line was followed by “Snow is falling,” to which everyone would do a snowfalling motion. My co-workers helped me demonstrate this activity in the video below! 

  1. Snowflakes swirling through the air (White Scarves)
  2. Teeth they chatter in the cold (Hand Clappers)
  3. Make an angel in the snow (Snow Angel Motion)
  4. Stomp stomp stomp right through the drifts (Paddle Drum)
  5. Shake the snowflakes from your coat (Jingle Bell Slap Bracelets)

For the “snowball fight,” we divided the residents into two teams. Each person was given a stack of paper from the recycle bin. When the music started, they had to crumple up the paper into a “snowball” and throw it into a hula hoop that was placed just out of reach on the ground. The team who got the most in the hoop by the end of the song won. I chose a 2 minute song with fast/frantic pace to get them rollin’ and throwin’!


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